Manea Dancers is one of the foremost dance Group servicing luau entertainment in the Greater Los Angeles, CA. Our shows have captivated many audiences from guests, movie goers, TV shows and Company parties.We have performed at the Braxton TV show, Hells Kitchen, Celebrity Circus, Couples Retreat, Summer Camp, Faceoff, MTV, Nicklelodeon Studio, Silicon Valley, Kadarshian/Scott Disick Flipping Houses and many more. Our high energy shows features dances from Polynesia, Hawaii , Samoa and Tahiti. Our dancers wear colorful and handcrafted costumes unique for each island dance . Our emcee, audience participation, Tahitian drumming and live musicians assure lively and memorable shows. The exciting fire show of “siva afi”, the samoan fireknife, firefan and female firepoi dance provide an unforgettable evening with Manea Dancers. In addition, we also provide shows for school and seniors. Our shows for keikis(children) includes the moana theme and also arts and craft station whereby the kids can do a kukui sticker painting and candy lei making. For seniors and corporate shows, we also can provide hawaiian musician, lei greeters and lei making. For more information about the Manea Dancers please visit: www.manea.net www.southbayluaus.com www.ocluaus.com https://www.facebook.com/ManeaDancers http://instagram.com/tikiparties https://twitter.com/ManeaDancers https://twitter.com/socaleventssite http://tagged.com/maneadancer http://www.yelp.com/biz/manea-dancers-lomita